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Chatsworth Rose Pink Gin
Chatsworth Rose Pink Gin

Chatsworth Rose Pink Gin


Chatsworth Estate Botanicals

Chatsworth Estate Rose


This truly luxurious artisanal botanical gin distilled on the Chatsworth Estate uses fresh scented roses from the Chatsworth Garden and distilled in short runs using an Arnold Holstein still to create a very special small batch gin.  A classic London Gin it's exclusivity is that it's the only gin in the World that is infused with Chatsworth House Roses. The rose petals impart a subtle flavour with an exquisite aroma. Size: 70cl / ABV: 40%

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Award Winning Gin

World Gin Awards 2022 - Silver

Tasting Notes: "Floral, juniper and citrus peel notes on the nose and palate. Light and gentle with lots of elegant nuances. Fresh and classic in style."

International Wine and Spirits Competition 2022 - Bronze

Tasting Notes: "Juniper-led profile with complexity on the nose and a balanced palate."

London Spirits Competition 2022 - Silver

Tasting Notes: "Delicate sweet notes of rose petals, juniper, herbs and spices. It has a smooth floral character on the palate and has a medium finish."

International Spirits Challenge 2022  - Bronze

Tasting Notes: "Soft floral nose, rose. Sweet, juniper. Well balanced good aftertaste."

Chatsworth Rose Pink Gin

Roses From The Chatsworth Garden

The rose petals are added to impart a subtle flavour with an exquisite aroma. The end result is a clear London Style Gin with no artificial pink colourings added. The perfume of roses is subtle but evident, with a slight sweet flavour.


The  Chatsworth Rose Garden

The Rose Garden
Originally the French Garden, in 1939 Duchess Mary, wife of the 10th Duke, remodelled this area and it became known as the Rose Garden.

The link between roses and Chatsworth dates back to 1939 when the wife of the 10th Duke, Duchess Mary remodelled the original French Garden into a Rose Garden.

The Chatsworth roses include; the Duchess of Devonshire rose, Chatsworth rose and a Joseph Paxton rose, whose petals incorporated into the Chatsworth Small Batch Release Rose Pink Gin.

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